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Our expertise... tailor-made.

  1. Be at the initiative of strategic choices.
  2. Optimize performance
  3. Establish a provisional schedule
  4. Analyze and define a budget envelope.
  1. Creation of concepts GZN DESIGN carries out your studies and offers you turnkey solutions.
  2. Modern and aesthetic functional furnishings and furnishings.
  3. Optimization of spaces according to PMR, PMI regulatory constraints, fire safety.
  1. A single interlocutor, the guarantee of a relationship of trust.
  2. Perfect finishes  and deadlines met. Quotes made in advance.
  3. An obligation of means.
  4. Our leitmotif, your satisfaction.
   * (General construction company partner of GZN DESIGN with more than 15 years of experience with an up-to-date ten-year guarantee).

  1. Process business cases
  2. Response to calls for tenders, feasibility study. Plans, Constitution of file, feasibility study ESQ, FAISA, DCE
  3. Carry out the sketch of the project for the creation or development of a building or space according to the order and the identified needs.  creation of stands, interior fittings, decoration and HOME STAGING
  4. Consultation of suppliers, subcontractors and service providers.
  5. Break down the general design of a project  into plans and models and determine the construction methods (cost, deadlines, construction method, etc.).
  6. Project management   works phase less than 150m²
  7. Monitoring  of construction sites and coordination with the various stakeholders.
  8. Creation of synthetic images, visuals, animations, 3D and 4D perspectives in augmented reality.
  9. Administrative procedures: prior declaration constitution of a fire safety notice file.
  10. INTERIOR DESIGN: Creation of objects  and spaces, designer furniture/renovation of individual housing​.

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