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Obligations of the interior designer and insurance


​ The interior designer acts in the interest of his Client within the framework of his professional responsibilities.


The interior designer implements the means necessary for the realization of your project.
We submit for approval   the documents corresponding to each phase of your personalized study.


Architecture d'intérieur

GZN DESIGN  ensures that the remuneration for its work corresponds to the importance and scope of your work.
We will keep you informed of the progress of your work and of any elements that may affect the cost or quality of your project in a reasonable delay.
GZN DESIGN is committed to respecting the confidential nature of the projects that you entrust to us.



The interior designer must take out professional liability insurance.  We are insured with Allianz contract number 57567819.
We work with contractors with an up-to-date ten-year guarantee, which is given in each client file.


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