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  1. Feasibility studies, APS APD ESQ DCE PRO  EXE, Construction sites

  2. Production of graphic parts 2D/3D modeling, sectional plans,   elevations, perspectives, surveys...

  3. The constitution of the file

  4. Feasibility studies, technical drawings


  6. Creation of digital models and models of studies on different media.

  7.   Site monitoring.  Creation, management and monitoring of customer files 

  8. Administrative management

Skills domains

GZN-DESIGNis a design studio.
Whether your project is contemporary  resolutely modern, or classic, we  strive to design the environment adapted to your personality.
By surrounding ourselves with quality craftsmen and workers, we work for the success of your project. Our ambition is to meet your needs by providing you with tailor-made services  in total harmony with your aspirations.  

Anxious to offer services d'exceptions GZN-DESIGNaims to create a platform for exchange in terms of decoration, a contemporary architecture that is part of a movement where design is lived on a daily basis.GZN-DESIGNfait  the choice to work to make your interiors warm by creating   universes with strong identities.

  Whether in terms of techniques, materials, home automation, know-how or even furniture, we have brought together professionals who are passionate about their profession in order to work together for the success of your projects.
Mr Gozlan Levy Elie

GZN DESIGN is above all the ambition of a local service. The workshop was born  from the   will to support my customers, to bring my expertise, my advice for 93-1954cde -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ work to the realization, operation, feasibility of various projects.
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